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Refinishing Conference Tables

This is a post on a wood refinishing job we’ve completed recently.  We want you to be well informed when deciding on whether to purchase new or to refinish your existing wood furnishings.  Some of our clients have considered buying brand new tables to replace their worn-down, beat-up tables, but we have saved them up to 70% in savings by refinishing instead!

Read on to find out how much of a difference refinishing your tables will make!


It’s fairly common to receive a wood table in this condition;  scratches, dents/gashes, and faded paint are prevalent symptoms of wood in need of care.  Although there is a lot of work to be done (the tables were 18′ long!), soon these conference tables will look new!

We start off by removing the existing stain.  Once the original stain is removed, we smooth the surface with sandpaper to ensure that it is even.



Once the tables have been sanded, we move on to staining.  To begin the staining process, we mix our staining solution to ensure consistency.  Once the stain is applied to the wood, we use a brush to make sure the stain is evenly distributed.

Finally, we apply a finishing coat.

The scratches, dents, and faded paint are no more!  The refinishing job turned out great and the clients were more than satistfied.  If you have any questions about our wood services, please call us at 510-352-5200 or shoot us an email on our Contact page.


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